Fill Your Day With the Things That Count in Life

This would be a great Sunday School lesson!

In the book, “Stress is a Choice,” David Zerfoss presents the allegory of a philosophy professor who stands in front of his class of students with an empty pickle jar. He fills the jar with golf balls and asks them if the jar is full. When they agree, he pours sand, then pebbles and then chocolate milk over the golf balls, asking each time if the jar is finally full. As shown in the video, the professor is teaching his students about what they should prioritize in life: material possessions or interpersonal relationships. The story demonstrates that it is important to consider what we are given to fill our own jars of life.

We know that God has given us many blessings in which to fill our lives with. When we make God a priority, he fills the spaces in our lives. Let us then implore God as David does in Psalm 119: “Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life in your ways.”