Chicago Man Helps Stranger Trapped Under Commuter Train!

Justin Schneider has been called a hero on his Facebook page, but he just sees his selfless act as another occurrence on his morning commute. Schneider was a passenger on a downtown Chicago commuter train when the driver brought the train to screeching halt.

When the conductor announced there was a jumper on the tracks, Schneider sprang into action. Schneider talked to the conductor and asked if the driver was okay, and the conductor began to tear up and say, “Oh my God,” over and over. Schneider asked permission to be let out of his train car, and that’s when another person at the train station recorded a video of what unfolded next. Schneider talked to the 19-year-old woman and held her hand as she lay under the train.
Schneider asked the woman her name and just tried to keep her calm by holding her hand until the rescue crew arrived.
Perhaps God put Isaiah 41:13 in Schneider’s heart that morning: “For I, the LORD your God, will hold your right hand, Saying to you, ‘Fear not, I will help you.'” The victim managed to crawl to a space between train cars, and helpers pulled her onto the platform. On the video, Schneider is seen requesting everyone to get back from the scene while he comforts the woman. An ambulance took the woman to a local hospital, but the situation might have turned out differently if Schneider hadn’t calmed her.

Schneider had a bit of perspective that morning as he helped the woman under the train. He told a Chicago CBS station that he was headed to the funeral of a close friend who had died of a seizure a week before. Schneider said he simply wanted to pay it forward and hoped his friend was watching over the woman that day by placing Schneider in the right place at the right time. This story captures the essence of the Golden Rule and what Jesus taught his followers. Read another beautiful example of calling on God for help with this daily devotional.

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