Uplifting Undertaking: How One Woman Coped With Depression By Spreading Global Love

Writing can be a therapeutic activity that helps us to find the words to describe our thoughts and feelings. We may not know it at the time, but just penning a story, a love note, or a greeting can also brighten someone’s day. People who are consumed by depression are often encouraged to write letters to share how they feel with others or to journal to document their thoughts when they feel hopeless or without a purpose. One 22-year-old found a way to cope with depression after moving to New York City and her coping method helped others to heal too.

Technology has seemed to eliminate the need for pen and paper, but for 22-year-old Hannah, putting a pen to paper was the only way she knew how to cope with depression. She could have started a blog, she could have emailed friends, but instead, she wrote letters to strangers among her in the big city.

She found hope in sharing stories, asking questions of others and detailing information about her journey with depression. Her quest was to provide words of hope and share the words that she could not find to say while coping with the illness, reports Upworthy.

Hannah’s letter writing therapy soon blossomed into a global campaign to share hope, love and faith, known as More Love Letters. Her anonymous letters prompted others to write letters to strangers, to reach out to people in need and send bundles of letters to share encouragement when people needed it the most.

The global movement to spread hope and love now allows people to log in to the website and request letters for themselves or for friends and family members. It is a genuine gesture of compassion and one that is prompting others to share the love. When you receive a letter whether it’s a love letter or a note from a long lost friend, it has the power to bring a smile to your face. Consider sending a letter to continue the hope, love and faith. If you’d like to contribute to helping people, visit the Faith, Hope, Love shop.

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