Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay Has a Soft Spot After All

England-based chef Gordon Ramsay is a hard man to work for on his reality television show “Hell’s Kitchen.” However, the gruff chef has a soft side to him, especially for one young fan from Indiana who made a special request. The chef responded in kind and melted hearts all over the Internet.

Abigail’s Story


Abigail Carper, age 8, has a gastrointestinal disease that requires her to eat through a feeding tube. Her diet is very limited. The young lady aspires to be a chef one day, and she idolizes Ramsay and his reality show “Master Chef Junior,” a cooking competition for kids. Abigail composed a letter to the chef and posted it to Twitter. She also read the letter aloud in short video hoping to get Ramsay’s attention.

What Abigail’s Letter Said


Abigail wrote, “I watch your shows all the time. Sometimes I have to watch them from the hospital.” The young lady then explained, “I have a rare GI disease that makes me really sick when I eat, so I have a feeding tube. I can eat few foods, but not a lot.” Abigail told Ramsay she wants to be a chef just like him when she grows up. The last few lines of the letter are precious. “My mom tries, but she’s just an OK cook. I know you could make me something really good. Love your biggest fan, Abigail Carper.”

The Chef’s Reply


Abigail’s plan worked. Within 48 hours of posting the heartfelt video message, Ramsay said Abigail’s mom, Amber Lacie, could send him a personal message through Twitter. Ramsay agreed to try a special recipe for his biggest fan, although the details of the arrangement have yet to be worked out. Lacie thanked Ramsay for making her daughter smile. The day after Abigail read Ramsay’s reply, she excitedly told all of her friends what’s going to happen.


Twitter also responded to Ramsay’s reply to Abigail’s request. One person encouraged the chef to make Abigail’s dreams come true. Ramsay is known for his acerbic wit and tough-as-nails personality on his TV shows, but when it comes down to it, he has a heart of gold. His true character came out as he showed kindness and compassion for someone who looks to him for inspiration.Gordon is a great example of not judging someone by a “cover,” but instead we should look into his heart for the goodness within. As Jesus told the Jews in John 7:24, “Do not judge by appearances, but judge with right judgment.”

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