Spreading A Faithful Message Through Laughter: Clown Ministry Has Everyone In Stitches

We have all at some point or another enjoyed a good clown show, whether it’s at birthday parties, grand openings, or personal or corporate picnics. However, the Christian Clown Ministry, a unique program that seeks to emphasize both entertainment and evangelism equally, uses clowns not only to tickle the funny bone, but to spread the message of God.The clowns perform at numerous events, including church gatherings, hospitals, synagogue, schools and prisons. They even go to places hit by natural disasters to bring comic relief to those who are suffering from the effects of recent tragedies.


The clowns are primarily faithful Christians who believe in spreading the word of God, including Dee Kirkpatrick, who joined the clown ministry led by East Texas clown Kornpop in 2012. Kirkpatrick, who was grieving the deaths of her husband and son when she joined the ministry, felt that performing as a clown was the perfect way to relieve her pain through spreading joy, as well as the word of God, to others.


Kirkpatrick weaves stories from the Bible into her acts, such as The Good Samaritan and the Prodigal Son. The results of her acts are quite evident, especially in children, who respond enthusiastically and seem to truly connect to the messages. Kirkpatrick feels that the children are more likely to retain the meaning of the messages when they’re conveyed in fun, understandable ways.


This unique way of evangelizing is not just a great way for Kirkpatrick to share her experience and faith with the younger generation, but also a way for her to find new direction and meaning in her own life. She loves what she is doing and puts in the extra effort to make her acts funny and informative. She even uses her own money to buy supplies such as balloons, stickers, toys and costumes. Her message is simple: even in the midst of tragic circumstances, there is always peace to be found in doing something you love while spreading the word of God to others.The ministry is always on the lookout for new clowns to join the group. What better way to serve God than to bring joy to other’s lives? Read many more interesting stories about Christians like Dee Kirkpatrick who are making a difference here.

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