Stay In And Save Money With These At-Home Date Night Ideas

Date night is important for any couple, especially those busy with children and heavy work schedules. When you can’t get out the house for a date, you can always plan a nice evening at home for you and your special someone. Get creative with at-home dates that are just as fun and intimate as a night out without the cost.

Indoor Picnic

Save gas and money by setting up an intimate picnic right in your living room. Using what’s already in your fridge, pack cold cuts or other simple eats in a picnic basket. Lay down a blanket and set out a few candles for a romantic ambiance.

Cook-Off Date

Challenge your date to a light-hearted cooking competition. You and your date should each look for a moderately challenging recipe to cook for each other. Go shopping together, and keep the budget to $25 each to keep costs down.

Game Night

Grab your favorite board game from the cupboard, and add fun twists to keep things exciting, suggests Lifehack. Rules can include a kiss for every battleship sunk or a risqué dare for the loser of Scrabble.

Cultural Night

Bring the world to your living room with a date night based on a country you’ve always wanted to visit. Make crepes together and watch a French movie, or order Indian food while you watch a Bollywood film.

Dress Up and Stay In

Get all dolled up like you’re going out for the night, and instead, enjoy a candlelit dinner for two in your dining room, says Happy Wives Club. Play your favorite love songs, and dance the night away with your date.

Photo Shoot Night

Flex your photography skills, and plan a fun photo shoot for you and your date. Take turns posing for silly pics, and take a few selfies together. Use whatever camera you have, whether a fancy professional one or your cell phone camera.

Scavenger Hunt Date

Send your date on a cute scavenger hunt around the house for objects relating to romance or your relationship. Write a list of clues that lead to each item, with the last one leading to you.

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