He Had No Idea Who He Was About To Be Reunited With!

Casey had a big surprise coming for her on this day!

It is a simple fact of serving in any branch of the military: you become close with those you serve with. Regardless of gender, race, religion, and at times species, you are close with anyone you worked with in a war zone because they had your back while you were serving your country and that is a debt that you will repay again and again and again as long as you live.

This story is another great example of war buddies coming together again.

Marine Sergeant Ross Gundlach and Casey, a bomb-sniffing dog, undertook more than 150 missions together in Afghanistan. After their assignments ended, the two parted company, with Casey adopted by the Iowa State Fire Marshall’s Office. According to Daily Megabyte, Gundlach planned to attend a government committee meeting to plead for the return of Casey.

Gundlach soon found out that this ceremony honoring military members was…well, something different. Grab the tissues for this video, you’re going to need them.