This Book of the Bible Has a Key Message for You

The Bible Project was borne out of a simple desire: to help people understand and love God’s word. Tim Mackie and Jonathan Collins co-created the project to help explain the Bible’s message through a series of fun animated videos. This particular video gives you an inside look into the Book of Judges.

Mackie’s voice-over explains that Judges covers about 300 years of Israel’s history, with a focus on how the Israelites’ morals declined as a result of their lack of faith in God. Reading Judges teaches us that God has a covenant with us that allows Him to be the true “judge” of human character. Honoring God with their lives fulfilled a covenant that kept Him intervening on the Israelites’ behalf.

The Bible has many such lessons, all with a focus on getting us closer to God. It is our reliance on Him that sustains us, even through difficult times. This key necklace is a wearable reminder that faith opens doors.

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