Bethany’s Bracelets: This Little Girl Raised Big Money To Help Her Friend’s Skin Condition

We often vow to do anything to help our loved ones. From cooking a meal for a sick family member to offering a helping hand with chores for a friend, there is an inner desire to offer friendship and love to those in need. Even children want to help others, which is what prompted 9-year old Bethany Walker to go above and beyond for her best friend.

Walker decided to put her creative skills to the test and raised $47,000 to help her friend Anne Marie Cox find physical comfort, according to the Huffington Post. Cox of Benton, Arkansas, suffers from a skin condition known as epidermolysis bullosa. The child routinely suffered from trauma to her skin that resulted in painful blisters that formed and popped on the skin. The condition makes Cox susceptible to infection and forming blisters just from a simple touch, reports KATV.

When Walker learned that a saltwater therapy pool would help to ease her friend’s pain, she was determined to make it happen. She embarked on a Facebook campaign – Bracelets by Bethany – to sell rubber brand bracelets to raise the funds for her ailing friend. Within 19 weeks, Walker had successfully raised $47,000 to fund the saltwater therapy pool that was too expensive for her friend’s parents to purchase. The pool was installed in June 2015 and Cox was able to take her first swim of the summer without excruciating pain.

Walker’s efforts and selfless service to her friend have gained her national recognition that landed her as one of the top three finalists in a $5,000 college scholarship sponsored by Izod and JCPenney. You can help further Walker’s efforts to continue funding charitable causes with bracelet sales as she moves ahead and finds new families in need. Learn more by watching the promotional video by KATV, or look to the Hope Faith Love store for more opportunities to donate to similar causes.

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