Angels by Our Side: Signs That Angels are Watching Over Us

The Bible has numerous stories of angels working behind the scenes to help God’s people. Perhaps the most dramatic story is in Daniel 6:16-22, which is the story of Daniel in the lion’s den. However, angels are not just limited to the Bible. The following are some potential signs of angelic presence in our lives.

Bright light


A bright light in the corner of our eye when there is no light source nearby is a possible sign that an angel is nearby. According to a story in the book Encountering Angels by Judith MacNutt, a woman who saw an angel noticed a bright light followed by a very bright blue ball. A young angel appeared to her for a few seconds, and she felt very calm.

Hearing voices

Sometimes angels may communicate to us through voices or music. This could be a whisper that comes from nowhere or a heavenly chorus that gives us peace. These messages are believed by some to give us comfort in time of need or guide us on the right path to take.

Comfort in times of grief


Some believe that God sends angels to comfort us in times of grief. Angels may come to us in times of despair and hopelessness to calm our sorrow and give us a sense of peace. Christians believe that when we pray to God during a time of overwhelming sadness, he can send his angels to lift this burden from us and ease our suffering so that we no longer feel the pain.



When people are overwhelmed with fear or anxiety, they might pray to God for help. During these times, some feel that God sends his angels to watch over us so that we are no longer afraid. In one story, a woman who was going through a lot of heartache in her life prayed for peace. God sent angels to watch over her, and she slept soundly for the first night in a long time.Read more stories that suggest that angels are working behind the scenes to protect us, guide us and give us peace and comfort here. We can watch out for these signs as assurance that angels are indeed watching over us.

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