This story is absolutely incredible! Erin Langworthy got up the nerve to do something a lot of us wouldn’t be able to when she decided to go bungee jumping. And everything seemed to go well, initially.

The young woman is now is calling her survival a miracle, and rightly so! After a seemingly successful jump, Erin’s bungee cord snapped while she hung over the Zambezi River in Africa.

YouTube/Republic Truth

Not only did she fall over 360 feet into crocodile infested waters, she was washed downstream through perilous rapids with a bungee cord attached to her feet. Erin was certainly watched over by guardian angels that day, as she escaped with only minor cuts and bruises.

So many things could have gone wrong with the situation. She could have hit the water in a way that broke bones, causing her to be unable to swim, she could have been stuck underwater in the rapids, there could have even been crocodiles waiting for her in the river.

YouTube/Republic Truth

With the amount of bad things that had the potential to make this accident the worst case scenario, Erin got the best end of the stick possible for the situation in which she found herself.

For people who are reconsidering their adrenaline adventures and wondering if bungee jumping really is safe, one jump has about as much risk for danger as driving for about 62 miles. There is also a much higher likelihood of death if you find yourself driving over 100 MPH than if you were to bungee jump.

YouTube/Republic Truth

There a very few things that could have happened to make a person’s day any worse than this, but at the same time, there are things we do every day that pose more risk of death than a quick thrill-seek of a bungee jump.

Check out her astonishing jump in the video below, and hear Erin tell her story! Don’t forget to let us know what you think!