Myron Cloyd was a ministry student at Texas Christian University on a study abroad fellowship in London. Separated from his wife Gwendolyn by 5,000 miles of land and water, the young couple figured it was time for a reunion. So twenty-two weeks into her pregnancy, Gwen received permission from her doctors to fly from their home in southwest Houston to merry old England. It would go from routine to “the toughest thing [they’d] ever been through” according to Cloyd – severe back pain, four weeks worth of labor for a child born on the brink of death at one pound, ten ounces. Four months later, a midwife wrapped little Jackson Cloyd – who had made it all the way to five pounds! – in a homemade quilt before sending the Houston family of three home from the hospital. But thirteen years later, Jackson is back in England, at the same hospital, with a few quilts of his own. He’s there without his mom, who lost her battle with cancer when Jackson was seven years old, but he carries the same hope for life as she does. These quilts are for others in the NICU – from one preemie to another.