Cashier Uses the Power of God to Stop an Armed Robber

See how the robber reeled before this clerks verbal assault when she invoked the name of the Lord!

Shopkeeper Marian Chadwick didn’t skip a beat when a robber burst into her shop, pointing a gun in her face. She pointed right in his face and said, “You get out of my store! Right now! In the name of Jesus!” When Marian invoked the name of the Lord the thief didn’t know what to do! Reeling before her words, the man quickly staggered from the store. We know that all things are possible through the Lord, but this story is just amazing!

Also, watch this video about a clerk who prays with a robber and convinces him not to commit a crime.

We do want to state that most law enforcement officers would say that standing up to an armed intruder like this is actually a bad idea. Please don’t put yourself in harm’s way.