Hayden Carlo Chose to Feed His Children Over Registering His Car – So a Police Officer Chose Love Over the Law.

Times are hard – even in a growing economy, as corporate profits rise, many people are still out of work. Hayden Carlo is one of them. The young father of two has to make ends meet every month, and as with many of us, that means making a strict budget. So when it came time to renew his car’s registration, he chose to feed his family first. Understandable, but not legal. So it was that Carlo explained to a traffic officer for the Plano Police Department outside Dallas, Texas. But the officer had to uphold the law, so scribbled out on the citation, folded the paper, handed it to the errant driver and departed the scene. But when Carlo looked at the ticket, he was brought to tears. It wasn’t a fine for his known violation. It was $100, and a note for good luck, that allowed the 25-year-old to register not only his own but also his wife’s car – which led to a new job, which helps him support his young kids. See what it means to protect and serve the most vulnerable in the clip below.

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