Gerdi McKenna is fighting breast cancer and struggling to maintain her positive attitude. She wanted to get together with all of her closest friends and family, but she had no idea it was going to turn into something this beautiful.

Her sister, determined to be an encouragement to Gerdi, had a brilliant idea. Without Gerdi’s knowledge, she planned to get Gerdi’s closest friends to all shave their heads and do a photo shoot. And of course, they all agreed! What a spectacular way to show support to a friend in need, right?

Hair or no hair, these women are absolutely beautiful through and through!

And what’s even more beautiful than these smiling faces? We think the words of love and support that they share as the video camera is rolling are memories that Gerdi will be able to cherish long after the shaved heads have grown lots of hair again.

Watch this loving sister’s plan in action here in the video below.