Butch The Boston Terrier Gets The Goodbye Party Of A Lifetime

Read this heartbreaking story about a dog who was left for dead, but found a family and love in his final days!

Butch was found by Alicia Buzbee and her daughter Kansas Humphrey wandering the streets of Pinson, Alabama a week before thanksgiving. He had been beaten and abandoned by his previous owner and left for dead. Alicia and Kansas took him to the Boston Terrier Rescue’s vet, and found out that Butch was in rough shape. He could barely breath, and he was going to die soon. These two ladies could have left it at that, and let him get euthanized, putting an end to his sad story. But their love for this poor, forgotten pup went so much deeper than that, and what they did next will warm your heart.


Alicia and Kansas put off scheduling the humane euthanasia for a few days, in an attempt to give this dog a life that few dare to dream of. Butch had a party where he was dressed to a T and ate hamburgers and pumpkin pie. He met the local fire department, and santa himself even made an appearance to wish Butch the best of luck in his new life. This little dog was shown more love and attention than he knew what to do with!

Butch got to spend Thanksgiving with his new family before sadly passing away the next day. Alicia just wanted to look Butch in the eyes and tell him that he is loved, and to have him be surrounded by people who accept him and want him. That truly is the greatest gift that can be given to anyone.