These Two Boys Met at the Swimming Pool. Twelve Years Earlier, They Had Been Separated as Brothers.

These two boys met and became fast friends, but someone said Isaac and Dakotah fought just like brothers. Well then.

Isaac Nolting and Dakotah Zimmer grew up in separate towns, with separate families, 12 miles apart. Every year, Dawn Nolting buys her son a pool pass to wile away the summer days in the community swimming spot. In June of 2012, Isaac met Dakotah, who began typical boyish roughhousing, splashing the younger and taunting him.

Another kid at the pool laughed along with them and quipped “You guys fight like brothers.” It was a “click,” a light bulb type moment. Isaac went home, and said “Mom, am I adopted, and do I have a brother?” Yes, Isaac and Dakotah had become fast friends – but they had found brothers.