He Started Filming Pastor Lee For A Story… But The Truth He Found Changed Everything

For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in. Psalm 27:10

Pastor Lee has been the subject of a few stories over the years, and is the inspiration behind this upcoming documentary. What did he do that is worthy of all the attention? He simply opened his eyes to a problem largely accepted and ignored by Korean society – abandoned children. Pastor Lee responded the only way the Gospel would allow him: with love and open arms. He set up a Baby Box where mothers could put their unwanted children, no questions asked, and then Pastor Lee and his staff would take care of these babies and hopefully find a family to adopt them.

One of these stories featuring Pastor Lee caught the attention of young film maker Brian Ivie. He was compelled by Pastor Lee’s willingness to defend these babies whom everyone else had forgotten about. Brian visited Pastor Lee in South Korea, hoping to find in interesting story. He found the inescapable love of Christ instead. The amazing grace of God, experienced through the life of Pastor Lee, changed Brian from fascinated film maker to devoted Christ-follower. He continued in his documentary endeavor, but instead of Pastor Lee as the center of attention, God and His love took center stage. Watch this incredible behind the scenes look at how God’s compassion and grace is drawing people to Himself from every walk of life!

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