Neil Armstrong Took Those Small Steps on the Moon – Buzz Aldrin Took Something Else. and That Is an Amazing Blessing.

Take time to honor the great American hero, Neil Armstrong. Remember him and his family in your prayers today.

Pioneering astronaut Neil Armstrong passed away today at the age of 82 from complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures. Known as an American hero, a family man, and the first man to set foot onto another world, he will be deeply missed by his family and friends and forever canonized as a legend of American culture.

Neil Armstrong was born in the small town of Wapakoneta, Ohio in 1930, and began his interest in flight at the age of 6 when he had his first airplane trip. He attended Purdue University until 1950 when the Korean war broke out and became a fighter pilot.

When Mr. Armstrong returned home from war, he joined the first group of civilian astronauts and made his initial flight in 1966, aboard Gemini XVIII.

Though the initial test flights were often dangerous, resulting in Neil nearly dying on several occasions, It’s clear that God had a purpose for his life, and that was to continue pioneering space.

We know Neil Armstrong best as the man who, on July 20th 1969 joined Buzz Aldrin and Mike Collins on the amazing journey to the moon that forever changed America. As they arrived, and stepped onto the moon’s mysterious surface, Neil spoke one of the most often quoted phrases in America; “One small step for man, One giant step for mankind”

Today we honor him with our memories, and we honor his family and friends with our prayers. We thank God for such an upstanding hero of our time and will never forget what he did for our country.

Please watch this amazing recreation of the first meal on the moon, holy communion, in which Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Mike Collins participated. So moving!