This Architect is Turning Air Pollution Into Beautiful Tiles

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We’re all aware of the harmful effects we’ve had on the environment as a species. It’s easy to dismiss these problems as something that won’t affect us too much in our generation. Some people even fall into the category of, “God is sovereign and therefore he will take care of the land.”

However, I’m reminded of Genesis 2:15, which says, “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” Therefore, it is our duty and great responsibility to care for the home God created for us. To that end, one company in India has a creative way to use the carbon emissions that surround us; turn it into tiles!

YouTube/Great Big Story

Architect Tejas Sidnal and his team at Carbon Craft Design have been developing a technique to use air pollution in the most basic of building materials – a tile. The method is actually an old one, but the recipe has changed a bit.

These tiles are made up of three ingredients: marble chips, carbon emissions, and marble powder. The carbon is taken from the air through a special device designed by AIR-INK. The powdered carbon is made into a sludge of sorts, and then compressed into a tile.

YouTube/Great Big Story

The technique is over 200 years old, which means it requires some manual labor that more modern methods don’t. However, it also means the technique doesn’t cause more pollution by using heavy gas or coal-powered machinery.

This method was originally used by quarry masons to preserve broken marble chips. Now, Tejas and his team use it to create beautiful, functional, environmentally friendly tiles. Their goal is to implement these literal building blocks into major cities around the world.

YouTube/Great Big Story

Check out the video below for more information on this incredible project!

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