Adorable Poem From Your Baby To You!

Babies are gifts from God. They grace our lives with laughter, love, and joy (and more than a few dirty diapers). Read this touching poem, written from the perspective of a little baby, thinking about Jesus.

A Newborn’s Prayer

Here I am, Daddy and Mama, a gift from the Lord up above,
To brighten your days with joy untold, and fill our home with love.
I’m tiny, precious and fragile, but made miraculously,
To fulfill God’s plan for my life and be what He wants me to be.

Some say I look like you, Mom, other say more like Dad.
But I have distinct traits from both of you, whether that’s good or bad.
I love it when you hold me securely in your strong arms,
You let me know you’re my protector in this world with all it’s harm.

Please teach me about my Creator, of all His amazing acts.
Show me the awe and wonder, not just the basic facts.
Tell me He loves me, even before I was born,
So much that He sent HIS Baby, to bear unspoken scorn.

And how He watched as His Child was put on a tree to die.
How sad it must have made Him, Mom and Dad, did He cry?
He must really love me, for my salvation He bought then,
To make sure I could go to heaven, and be forgiven of my sins.

– Beth Fisher

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