Adam Plays Baseball With One Leg

See how this amazing kid has overcome his “disability” and is a star player! He is phenomenal!

This is one heartwarming story of triumphing over adversity! Little leaguer Adam Bender, who was 8-years-old when this video was shot, lost his leg to cancer when he was only one. Nevertheless, this rough and tumble young man plays one of the toughest positions on the baseball diamond: catcher. Adam shows no fear putting himself between a runner and home plate or stealing a base on crutches. You will be amazed by how this incredible kid doesn’t even play with prosthetics, the Astro’s catcher only uses crutches when he is on base; otherwise he hops on one leg.

With the right attitude and a strong faith in God, we can overcome any adversity. We just need to believe that it can be done. Adam certainly has overcome his “disability!”