What Is The Motivation Behind An Act Of Kindness?

We want to help. What compels us to care for others, to help people? See what draws us toward selfless acts of kindness…

Some people want to suggest that humans are on the same playing field as the rest of the animal kingdom. Evolutionary processes affect humans, the same as fish. At the core, decisions are made out of the same self-interest as any species.

Why then does it bother us that thousands in Africa are dying of Ebola? Or that people are starving in countries under corrupt, greedy governments? Why does it concern us that girls are being kidnapped into sex slavery, or that thousands are being slaughtered by ISIS?

What happened to our understanding of “survival of the fittest?” The stronger winning over the weaker should be the norm. That should be acceptable to us.

But it is not acceptable. “Survival of the fittest” actually runs against our conscience. We don’t believe that a person should be victimized, just because a stronger person is able to do it to them.

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