This Mother Knew Her Time On Earth Was Short. What She Did For Her Kids Will Leave You In Tears!

See how this mom was able to speak to her kids from beyond the grave. It’s a poignant story of a mother’s love.

Sarah Turk was a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful children. The lovely, vibrant young woman was fit and active until the effects of motor neurone disease began showing themselves. This incurable, fatal disease slowly robs the sufferer of their muscle control, eventually leaving them unable to breathe (one form of this disease is ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Sarah knew that her time was short and she didn’t want her two young children to have nothing to remember her by. So Sarah set about recording video diaries. In these diaries she speaks directly to her children, telling them stories, giving them advice, and just telling them how much she loves them. While Sarah looks over her children from Heaven, they will always have a piece of her right here on Earth. Watch this heartbreaking, yet inspiring story of one mother’s love for her kids.