A Eulogy for Steve Mason: This Dog Loved to the End

For nearly ten years, this rescue mutt has been the loyal friend. And it is his last act of love that truly inspires a eulogy for Steve Mason.

Famed Czech author Milan Kundera once wrote that “dogs are our link to paradise.” For the anonymous imgur user Iwillnotfearfearisthemindkiller, this observation goes hand-in-hand with dogs as man’s best friend. Her beloved mutt Steve Mason (“Mason” for short) was getting on in age, but loved her so much to give the ultimate sacrifice. It is heartbreaking, beautiful and a testament to just how awesome dogs can be. Be prepared, as we wander through a story and pictures that may bring you to tears…

This is Steve Mason, the most incredible dog I have ever met and my best friend of the past 16 years. And this is the story of how he died saving my life one last time.