Meet 98-Year-Old Joe Brown. This Pensacola Barber Is a Cut Above the Rest.

At age 98, Joe Brown is a throwback barber in Pensacola, Florida. That’s worth a trip.

There’s something nostalgic about walking into Esquire in Pensacola, Florida. The barber shop has rustically unfinished walls, sports pennants, and a trusted gentleman who knows a thing or two about cutting hair. See, Joe Brown started cutting hair during the Great Depression, 80 years ago. And he’s been doing it ever since. At age 98, he’s seen customers come and go, some longtime friends retire and pass away without the purpose of a job. Joe was never going to do that, he decided, and still cuts hair 4 days per week. Next time you’re in Florida, consider a throwback to getting your ears lowered by this man.