9 Nanas Make Happiness Happen

See how these 9 women secretly spread joy for over 30 years before their cover was blown!

In a clandestine kitchen, somewhere in West Tennessee, 9 Nanas will gather tonight to what they do every day… make happiness happen. For the past 30 years this secret society of ladies has been spreading cheer through baked goods. Inspired kind the heartedness of the grandparents who raised four of the Nanas, these ladies, who had gathered to play bridge, decided to do some good themselves. The Nanas began pooling money anonymously helping out people in financial need. They also began baking cakes, leaving them on doorsteps in the dead of night. Their secret operations went undetected for 30 years, until one of the Nana’s husbands noticed all the extra millage on their car and money withdrawn from their accounts.

But this did stop the ladies; in fact it pushed them to go even further. With the help of their family’s, the Nana’s have taken their mission to the national level. They now have a website where you can buy their fabulous baked goods which helps them fund goal of spreading happiness. You can read more about the Nanas here. The Nanas prefer to remain anonymous so there isn’t much footage of them, but this news report shows just some of the good work that they are doing!