80-Year-Old Reunites With Some of the 669 Children, Whose Lives He Saved

Sir Nicholas Winton is a great humanitarian and angel, who saved hundreds of children’s lives. Watch the emotional reunion!

Known as the “British Schindler”, Sir Nicholas Winton was responsible for saving the lives of 669, most Jewish, children at the dawn of the Second World War. Winton, who was in Czechoslovakia before the war broke out, organized for the transportation to and lodging in Britain of all 669. Many of these children’s families were killed in the Nazi death camps. Winton kept his humanitarian work secret for many years, and it wasn’t until his wife found a scrapbook and ledgers, detailing his accomplishment, hidden in the attic in 1988, did the world learn about Nicholas Winton.

In this short, emotional clip, Winton is surprised on a BBC television show, That’s Life, where he is introduced to 80 people who owe him their lives. This is a touching reminder that we all have ability to do so much good in the world, to spread God’s love to those most in need. Winton wasn’t anyone special. He didn’t have any particular experience in humanitarian work. He was a man of faith with a great deal of love in his heart and a passion for helping others. What is your passion?

To learn more about Sir Nickolas Winton, read his Wikipedia page.