7 Fun Ways To Be More Thankful (And Mindful) In Your Life

We aren’t hardwired to be grateful, but these could help.

2. Ask yourself the right questions

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Instead of “why is this happening,” ask, “what can I learn?” or, “When I look back on this, what will I be thankful for?” It’s not easy, I know. Seeing my mom battle cancer and get brain surgery seemed like a no-win situation. But, even in the midst of the struggle, I see how family has stepped up, and friends have stepped in. What are you learning, right now?

3. Get rid of the negative thoughts

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It’s amazing how much or our minds, words, and emotions are grounded in negativity. Spend one whole week without complaining, gossiping or criticizing. Instead, use that space for kind words, uplifting thoughts, and positive emotions.