6 Best Christian Movies Of 2014

Let’s take a look at the Christian horizon in Hollywood. The movie Bible belt is getting stronger with these 6 movies and more as we see an explosion of interest in faith based entertainment for the small and big screen. We saw how much success the epic mini-series “The Bible” had with its run on the small screen. So now check out these projects that are working their way to a theater near you in the next few years. God bless and enjoy the countdown.

This article was brought to you by Faith and Entertainment. If you’d like more Faith and Entertainment content, check out their list of the top 15 Christian movies on Netflix.


#6 Pontius Pilate

The Buzz: A biopic of the Roman governor who sentenced Jesus to death, the film will follow the derailment of Pilate’s military career when he was assigned to Judea by Tiberius. If they can land Brad Pitt (in talks) to play the lead role, this could be a box office smash!

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