5 Things Being Married Has Taught Me

“No one is ready for marriage; but you’ll figure it out along the way.” Truer words have never been spoken. Here are a few things I have learned in the four short years I’ve been a wife.

2. I am incredibly selfish… amongst other things

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I have never been more aware of my own ugly, selfish tendencies than when I was first married. I never thought I’d be “that girl,” but it turns out I totally am. Everyone is. When it’s my marriage we’re talking about here, you’re dang right I’m jealous, whiney, needy, passive aggressive… I’m basically one big emotional casserole. There are growing pains, to be sure. You find out all sorts of things about your spouse, but I think the most difficult part for me, was finding out all of these new things about myself. Like that I really do care if your freaking socks are on the floor. Just pick them up, is that really so hard? The joy is in figuring out how to work together towards a common goal: unity, (or some days we settle for tolerance).

3. Make time for each other

I never wanted to be that stale, predictable couple that has to pencil in date night once a week. Now, Friday nights are the official date night of the Griggs family. And you know what? I love it. While we spend time together every day of the week, I sincerely look forward to Fridays, when we have budgeted a little extra money for dinner and dessert, and I can break in some fancy shoes, and flaunt a new dress every once in a while. Intentional time together has been such huge way that we’ve grown closer. I love getting to know more about my husband, and keep up with all of his hobbies and interests that are completely different than my own. Which brings me to our next point…