This ’67 Rambler American Commercial Is A Blast From The Past!

The Rambler is one American car which was modestly-priced, but also iconic in its design. From the early days of open-air autos in the 1910s to the classic Nash era of Ramblers and far beyond, this car was a favorite with American families for many decades. The Nash company was merged with the American Motors Company in 1954 and from there the car took off, becoming the 1963 Car of the Year. By 1969 however, the sales were falling and from that point until 1983 the only Ramblers produced were made abroad for foreign markets.

The Hornet would go on to replace the Rambler, with a smaller design and niche interior options. But, for many years the Rambler had served many families well and for a very decent price. Have a look at the ’67 Rambler American model in the video below. This ad is pretty dramatic, but does show just how well it handled tight corners!

This woman had the same car for 60 years: Click “Next” below!

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