10 Polite Gestures We Miss from the Old Days!

6) Sidewalk Rules

Did someone say chivalry? Men used to walk on the street side of the sidewalk to protect the woman he was walking with. This is less common now than it was. It would have been extremely helpful on rainy days.

While we’re on the subject of sidewalks: it used to be common for everyone to walk on the right side, just like driving. In that way, you leave a space for people to also use the same sidewalk. Today’s sidewalk etiquette could accurately be described as willy nilly.

7) Using Discretion

People once used discretion on the street. No gossip where anyone could hear who you were talking about, no loud conversations, and no drawing attention to yourself. Certainly, if cell phones had existed back then it would have been extremely rude to use them in public or at the table, unlike today.

8) Being Punctual

Time was when being punctual was one of the most important parts of being polite. Making others wait for you is never polite. But, in these days of constant texts its easy to not even have firm plans until right before the event. we were more on time when there was no plan b and no way to get a hold of people on the go!

pocket watch - always be on time - manners we miss

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9) Responding to RSVPs

It used to be a point of pride to respond to your invitations quickly. It showed how keen you were to go and the you respected the event-holders enough to not leave them guessing.

responding to letters - manners we miss

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10) Keeping Your Promises

Always call or visit if you say you are going to. It is rude to cancel last minute for trivial reasons.

card game - keep your social engagments

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Those are just a few of the manners and points of etiquette that we miss. Things just aren’t like the good old days when people were more respectful to each other. You can check out some of the most essential manners we were taught as kids right here.

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