The Worst Decision You Can Make Before Watching This is Leaving The Tissues Out of Reach

Noah Galloway first rose to prominence when he was named the 2014 Ultimate Men’s Health Guy. As our friend’s at The Veteran’s Site put it: “There he was, on the cover of a prominent United States fitness magazine, bare-chested and smiling. If viewing said cover, many could say, ‘Wow, that’s brave.’ And they wouldn’t be wrong. Noah Galloway is a veteran, and a double amputee, and possibly in the best physical shape of his life.”


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But would Noah say of himself that what he does day in, day out, is brave? We don’t think he would. Instead, Galloway would probably say something along the lines of, “No excuses.” This adopted motto of Galloway’s has given him the strength and spirit to overcome several challenges. And it helped him navigate something way out of his comfort zone: the 20th season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars.

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Galloway is not just an inspiration to veterans and amputees everywhere; because of his determination and success on the show, Galloway fast became an inspiration to his dancing partner, to the judges, and to audiences everywhere.

The following video shows Galloway and his partner, Sharna Burgess, dancing to one of the most patriotic songs you can think of.

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