Liz Joice Refused Chemotherapy…Why? Because Her Unborn Child Was a Miracle.

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Back in 2011, we brought you the story of Stacie Crimm, a mother who refused chemotherapy that was necessary to combat her cancer. Why? Because she was pregnant, and the poison that could kill cancer cells would likely have harmed her unborn child. Elizabeth Joyce didn't see that problem, because doctors told her that the chemotherapy she had already received – which put her cancer into remission – had rendered her infertile. But to the great joy of Liz and her husband Max, Liz became pregnant. To their anguish, Liz's cancer resurfaced. Doctors recommended an abortion, and noted that continuing chemo would put both Liz and her daughter at risk. Liz's solution? No chemo at all to bring forth the miracle of life. Heartbreaking and beautiful – check it out.

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Michael Harrell is a former staff member and current volunteer at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Federal Way, Washington. A blogger by hobby and social media manager by trade, he continues to teach the faith to ninth graders when he's not busy watching movies or theatre. He loves the Seattle Mariners, and his wife wants you to know he's married. You can follow him on Twitter.