She’s Taking a Picture of This Homeless Veteran for a Reason

Sarasota, Florida decided to place a piano on one of its streets and allow its residents to play. But I don’t know if they knew that this is what could come of it.

51-year-old Donald Gould (better known to the community as “Boone”), stepped to the piano, sat down and began to play Styx’s famous, “Come Sail Away”. So what, right? Who cares? What’s so special about that?

Donald Gould is a homeless veteran. He has lived a life that many of us have trouble imagining. And now, everyone not only knows how talented he is; they know his name.

Check out the video:

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Due to the astounding reach and reaction of the video above, there have been significant developments in the story of Donald Gould. Soon after the video was shot and uploaded to YouTube, an interview was conducted with Gould, where he said, above all else, he hoped he could see his son, whom he hadn’t seen for well over a decade.

Well, Gould’s son was watching…

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There are homeless veterans like Donald Gould everywhere. We need to do our part to get them off of the street and into a home.

You can help.

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