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A Baby Goat Thinks A White German Shepherd Is His Mama (Oh. MY. God!)

Almost everyone loves dogs. They are pretty common to us, and they are obviously incredible pets. Sadly most people DON’T know some of the more unusual pets, like goats! Sure, they are strange, and occasionally mischievous, but they are hilarious! They can climb like crazy, have the most crazy pupils, and are actually very loving! And the best part is that they can fit in and relate to almost any other animal! Luckily, there is a lot of proof out there of how adorable they are, and it’s time to get the word out!

Shadow is a beautiful dog as you can see and she’s also pretty darn sweet. This family got a baby goat and the two just took to one another. Have you ever seen two animals that are so different be this loving? This video made me smile all over!

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