10 Wonderful Healing Effects of Laughter!

Looking for a way to instantly feel better? All you need to do is laugh. Here are 10 benefits of the simple act of laughing.

Laughter Therapy

Laughing can improve overall health, and some cancer patients even use laughter therapy to feel better.

Soothe Pain

Laughter produces endorphins, which are hormones that create a pleasurable feeling and reduce pain. Try it next time you stub your toe.

Better Blood Pressure

Huffington Post reports that laughing lowers blood pressure, which makes sense considering how relaxing it is.

Helps the Immune System

According to Help Guide, laughing boosts your immune cells, so you basically become a cold-fighting machine.

A Mini Workout

Laughing gives the heart, lungs and even the abs a little workout. It’s may not get you a six-pack, but it’s a nice start.

Better Breathing

Laughing helps your oxygen intake, which basically means it takes your breathing to the next level.

It’s Good for the Stomach

Whether you have stomach pain or digestion issues, laughter can soothe your tummy.

A Circulatory System Boost

Laughing reduces inflammation in the body, resulting in better circulation. How cool is that?

Relieves Stress

Laughing is a great way to rid yourself of stress and relax your entire body.

Makes You Mentally Sharper

Your mental functions, such as memory and creativity, improve when you laugh, so make sure to laugh it up before a big test.

For more reasons to laugh, check out [this clown’s song].

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