This Cat Thinks He’s Sooo Sneaky — Until He Gets Caught! So Funny!

People always say that “curiosity killed the cat,” but most times, it just gets them into some serious trouble. But why are cats always seemingly getting into places that they shouldn’t?

For the most part, this is due to the fact that whether a cat lives outside, in your house, or even in a barn, it wants to find all of the possible nooks and crannies where it might have the ability to find shelter or a safe place. These locations allow our feline friends to have a treasure trove of locations where they can go when they need some rest, or need to escape a perceived threat.

Another reason, is that these locations may hide potential meals. It’s basically a hunting mechanism. Being ‘curious’ and finding a new hole where a delicious mouse could be hiding would be a fantastic treat.

But for our friendly domestic cats, sometimes it just seems like they have every desire to be a menace and get into all of their humans stuff. Much like the cat below who got caught red-handed, or should we saw red-pawed!

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