Every Proposal Flash Mob Should Be As Good As This One – It Will Make You Tear Up.

If you’ve ever been a long way from home, you know making new friends can be difficult. For Jovan, whose family lived across the country, lunch with a local friend was one of the things that kept her head up. And another thing that kept Jovan’s head up was her boyfriend, Bret.

But Bret knew how much Jovan missed her family. As much as he wanted to propose to her, he knew it wouldn’t be the same without the support of friends and family around.

Solution? Bring the family to them, for all the joy it would bring Jovan. The surprise of friends, family, boyfriend, song, dance and proposal, all in one day? We’re guessing it was pretty much the best lunch date ever.

And the perfect lunch date turned into one massive proposal that involved the talents of everyone close to both Bret and Jovan. The end result was one of the most heartwarming flash mobs ever!

The perfect reason to say “I do.”

Would you have said yes to a flash mob proposal like this one? We’d love to hear your reaction and your proposal story in the comments below!

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Michael Harrell is a former staff member and current volunteer at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Federal Way, Washington. A blogger by hobby and social media manager by trade, he continues to teach the faith to ninth graders when he's not busy watching movies or theatre. He loves the Seattle Mariners, and his wife wants you to know he's married. You can follow him on Twitter.