You’ve Got to See This — An Eye-In-the-Sky View of the Largest Animal on The Planet

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The enormous and endangered blue whale is one of the ocean’s most amazing creatures, and is the largest animal species ever recorded. They are capable of growing up to 95 feet and can weigh up to 150 tons… that’s 300,000 pounds! For being so large, blue whales are surprisingly graceful swimmers. They can reach swimming speeds up to 30 miles per hour and can swim hundreds of miles each day! So, what does it take to keep these humungous creatures going? About 2,000-9,000 pounds (900-4100 kg) of plankton each day!

For it being so large, it is not often that we get to see the mighty blue whale in its natural habitat. Off the southern coast of Australia, whale biologist Peter Gill was able to spot a large pod of these incredible cetaceans. Watch the video to have a look at the breathtaking footage from up above.

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