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I Remember When…But Do You?

Is There a God? And If There Is, Which God? Science’s Answer May Surprise You.

This Poor Family Gets Shot with 3,192 Paintballs in 5.3 Seconds to Prove a Powerful Point

Did Noah’s Flood Really Happen? A Lot Think So, And They’ve Got Evidence to Prove It.

Being Stranded on an Airplane is Terrible…But This Pilot Does Something Special To Keep Passengers Happy

Incredible! This Eight-Year-Old Finished a Triathlon, But Wait ‘Til You Meet His Race Partner…

Refuge and Strength

Did Jesus Really Say “Don’t Judge,” And What Does It Mean for Me? Crash Course Bible Study Time!

Christians Come in All Shapes, Sizes, Looks and Languages…But “We Believe” One Thing!

God Doesn’t See Your Acts And Say “That’s What I Need,” He Acts and Says “That’s Who I Want.”

The Human Heart

This Piano Invites All to “Play Me, I’m Yours.” and This Pianist Did – Flawlessly!

She’s Not Their Mother, but Every Soldier Gets a Hug, Both When They Deploy and Come Home.

This Woman Didn’t Know Anything About Cars – but She Opened an Auto Shop at 40. Why?

Fools for Christ

Less Than 48 Hours Later, This Beautiful Girl Passed Away. But Not Before Being Crowned Prom Princess.

This Soldier Had a Very Special Message for His Family…Ending With a Big Surprise!

A Pilgrim’s Progress

Would You Bring a Child Into Your Home? Theses Families Show What Foster Care Truly Means…

This Little Girl Is Here to Steal the Stage From a Country Superstar – And Boy Does She Ever Succeed!

Mom and Her Sister Had a Conversation…So the Guys Acted It Out – And It’s Hilarious!